John Robinson


Though of another nationality, he was of our generation, and therefore we felt inextricably linked. He reinforced the idea that we had the power—and the predilection—to go anywhere and do anything we pleased.

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Morgan Grasham


Morgan Grasham is a neo-Surrealist based in San Angelo, Texas. She obtained her BFA in Art from Abilene Christian University in 2012, where she majored in bronze casting. Through the progression of her paintings, you can see the shy, tightly-rendered figures begin to loosen and express themselves more openly.

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Jonathan Mack

Pa, Randy, & the Sugar House Fire

Pa had been dead for years but Ma refused to bury him. Which was pretty much the end of entertaining at home. She kept him in the bedroom, wrapped in burlap, and if any of us dared point out that Pa…seemed unwell, she’d insist that he’d always been quiet.

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Sahar Fadaian

India's Third Gender

Saranya and her sisters suffer discrimination in every sphere: housing, education, employment, immigration, law, health. Yet despite her terrifying past and present challenges, Saranya sits in front of me, answering my questions with bravery, and reluctantly meeting the camera with her eyes.

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Carmelo J Rizzo reads “Astound”

Katherine Zlabek

Your Daughters Will Prophesy

Once it’s written down, once it’s inked, it’ll happen. She lifts her gaze from the desk, past the couch, and into the room with the chair. Stuffing sticks out from its seat and its broad footrest. Its arms are pitted from fingernails.

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